Pétition – The Tianjin ZOO (en Chine)

Tell Zoo to Improve Animal Welfare

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Target: Tianjin Urban Planning Society, Directors of Tianjin Zoo

Goal: Improve animal welfare conditions in a popular zoo in China

The Tianjin Zoo in Nankai, China was recently under fire for forcing its elephants to perform various martial arts stunts during its daily shows. It is now facing further complaints after numerous pictures of one of their tigers surfaced on Weibo, a popular social network site in China.

In these pictures, an incredibly emaciated and inactive tiger lies on the floor of its pen. Although a local veterinary hospital recently released a public statement to confirm that the she has been suffering from a digestive disorder, the zoo is still at fault for her current health condition. The disorder, which was diagnosed in 2001, has progressively gotten worse overtime since the tiger was a cub. This is because the zookeepers do not do nearly enough to cater to the needs of this sickly animal. They administer a simple medical treatment and then neglect her.

Critics are also concerned that the zoo is keeping the tiger alive longer than necessary in order to have enough animals to show to the visiting customers. The company ultimately seems to be more concerned with profits and revenue than it is with her health or rehabilitation. This needs to stop. Tell the directors of the Tianjin Zoo to improve its animal welfare conditions in order to ensure a bright future for this tiger and all animals in the zoo’s care.


Dear Tianjin Urban Planning Society, Directors of Tianjin Zoo,

Recent pictures of an emaciated tiger at your zoo have created a public outrage on various social media sites in China.

We understand that a recent public statement from a local veterinary hospital has confirmed that the tiger suffers from a digestive disorder, which she was diagnosed with as a cub in 2001. However, zoo officials do not seem to be adequately taking care of her in order to nurse her back to health. She is given a simple medical treatment and is then neglected. Now, she lies inactive on the floor of her pen and pictures prove that she is slowly wasting away with each passing day.

Please help rehabilitate this starving tiger before it’s too late. We respectfully urge you to strengthen your efforts to help save this animal by improving the animal welfare conditions at your zoo.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Q_Fiona via news.list-online.com

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